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Hewat Strategic Edge offers powerful resources to support associations in their drive to build value for their members. Our role is to make this task less daunting by addressing elements that are key to an association’s success.

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Garth Whyte, President and CEO of Fertilizer Canada

“Fertilizer Canada is dedicated to delivering exceptional member value to the manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in our industry. Hewat Strategic Edge has been invaluable in facilitating our strategic plan, assisting us with our governance reviews and providing support to strengthen our system of committees.”

Garth Whyte, President and CEO of Fertilizer Canada

Member Value

There are no absolute determinants of member value. In some associations members pay millions annually and perceive value, while in other associations, members pay $500 annually and do not perceive value.

The chart illustrates Seven Elements of Member Value

Member value is primarily delivered through three elements:

  1. Decisive Programs and Services
  2. Effective Advocacy
  3. Strategic Communications

The capacity to deliver member value is derived by:

  1. Strategic Direction
  2. Sound Governance
  3. Vital Planning
  4. High Performance Staff

Three ways we can help to support Association performance

Build a Powerful Strategic Framework to Construct your Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Framework has Five Elements:

  1. Vision Statement A brief description of your association of the future
  2. Pillars of Success The foundation of your association’s success
  3. Strategic Intent Clarifies the meaning of each pillar of success
  4. Strategic Objectives Targets for each Pillar of Success
  5. Key Initiatives Projects or programs that will drive the achievement of the Strategic Objectives

Our Strategic Framework combines the utility of a balanced scorecard approach, with the power of a vision as a touchstone for decision-making. It facilitates the articulation of outcomes and the identification of required improvements. In short, it demonstrates leadership.

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Create a System of Effective Committees

Having a high-quality system for establishing, operating and winding up committees is necessary to get the benefits of high member satisfaction, reduced staff stress and increased staff satisfaction.

Hewat Strategic Edge can assist in creating Association Committee Handbooks, Staff Training and Member Committee Orientation Programs.

Association Committees – Do they Live up to the Promise or Create Peril

A good Committee System is one that:

  • Has the right number and types of Committees
  • Ensures Staff are recognized as Leaders; and
  • Members have the skills and tools to solve problems, make decisions, manage conflict and celebrate success.

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Become the Preeminent Voice through Advocacy

Advocating for Members is a primary role for many associations. That usually means achieving wins for the sector within regulatory regime or a public policy environment.

It is easy to overestimate what can be accomplished within a few months, but it is equally easy to underestimate what can be achieved in a couple of years. That is because creating change through advocacy is not an event. It is a proactive process, undertaken over a sustained period, that generates specific outputs, which are designed to result in significant victories.

Hewat Strategic Edge can be helpful in a few ways.

We can assist Associations:

  • Set a policy agenda - determining what’s most important to members
  • Build an advocacy strategy - Identifying how wins will be achieved and measured
  • Developing and presenting key messages, to the right audiences

In our experience, an association can be a powerful advocate for change; particularly when it has a prioritized policy agenda, well developed strategies and a strong capability to communicate to the different audiences.

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Paul Frederick Thomas Cook

"Hewat Strategic Edge – They played an important role when we secured a federally supported transition fund for our industry".

Martin Rice, Executive Director, Canadian Pork Council

Self-Assessment - Seven Areas of Association Mastery

  • Highlight your strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify areas to improve
  • Share insights with collegues

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Self-Assessment - Seven Areas of Association Mastery

Why is it Harder to Lobby The Canadian Federal Government?

As a leader in your industry or professional association, you may have concluded that it is getting exceedingly difficult to achieve changes in the federal government. I believe you would be correct. This is a serious development because a primary reason for associations to exist is to press the case for changes in federal policies, programs and regulations.

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